Individual Psychotherapy

I am a Clinical Social Worker with more than 30 years of psychotherapy practice. Therapy with me is an interactive process, with feedback and guidance. I work with you in a relational, here-and-now manner, dealing directly with the concerns that brought you to therapy. Unresolved issues from childhood and earlier relationships are worked on when they are interfering with progress.

Reasons For Therapy

I see older adolescents and adults who want counseling for personal problems, relationship issues, handling anxiety, managing depression, dealing with family concerns, stabilizing recovery from addictions, resolving trauma, and other problems of living. I also do pet grief counseling. If you are having difficulties in coping with the problems of another loved one, such as an aging parent, a bipolar spouse, a handicapped child, this would be another reason for individual therapy.

Length Of Time

Sessions are 60 minutes each (not 40-50 minutes), usually once a week, unless you are in a crisis, indicating a need for more frequent appointments. Most psychotherapy is fairly long-term, as habits are very difficult to change, and more positive feelings and behaviors take time to achieve successfully. Occasionally, brief therapy (1-6 sessions) is adequate for education and information, but most successful therapy lasts at least six months and often much longer. We mutually establish therapy goals and check our progress periodically.

Other Resources

All people and problems are viewed in a full social/environmental context. If other services are needed, I will refer you to appropriate community resources and will help navigate the process. If other family members or important persons in your life need to be involved, we will work together to enable this, either through a consultation session, or through referrals to other therapists. I often refer, when indicated, to psychiatrists for medication evaluations, to 12-step programs, to child development expert, to couples counselors, and to other appropriate professionals. I will work in a collaborative manner with you and with the other resources to ensure continuity of care.

Contact Information:

Phone: 203-329-9121


Office of Trish Haines Dayan, LCSW

Individual therapy takes place in my private home office.